Mutual Fund Course Boot Camp

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Is passing the mutual funds course on your personal development plan?

SeeWhy is pleased to announce that on April 6th, we're kicking off a COMPLIMENTARY 6-week distance learning Boot Camp for the Mutual Funds course, which will include the following:

  1. A 6-week part-time study schedule (see below)
  2. Live stream webinars, every Monday at 3 PM ET. Webinars are free of charge, regardless of whether or not participants are SeeWhy clients, so we invite everyone to join!
  3. Our study coaches will be available via telephone each Friday in 15-minute increments. Time slots are limited, and are available on a first-come first-serve basis to students with an active SeeWhy Mutual Funds subscription. Limit of one session per student per Friday.

Join the Live Stream Webinar Here.

Get your SeeWhy Learning study tools and get ready to follow along.

6-Week Mutual Funds Exam Preparation Study Schedule

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