We provide 1-on-1 telephone tutoring for the Mutual Funds and CSC courses, which can be purchased from within your SeeWhy Learning student account.


The SeeWhy Learning LMS (learning management system) was designed for students preparing for Canadian regulatory licensing exams to effectively self-study in as little time as possible without having to attend inconvenient and costly in-class instructor-led training sessions. SeeWhy Learning does not provide in-class sessions.

The fees paid for a SeeWhy Learning exam preparation study course do not include one-on-one tutoring.

  • We do not support or provide answers for your course provider's textbooks.
  • Please do not telephone for course content support as our professional trainers are not available for immediate on-demand telephone support.
  • If you follow our recommended study then you should not require extra support for course content.
  • The key to exam success is to study properly from our study guidelines and to order the study package best suited to your need for study assistance.

NOTE: SeeWhy Learning is not a source of "Question and Answer lists". We do not provide a list of past exam questions that may or may not be on your exam. This is what many people look for and are misguided into thinking that it is what they need. This is not like High School learning and exams - the exams that you are studying for are serious and strictly controlled regulatory exams for various professional licensing. We teach the concepts for the course and cover what you need to know to successfully pass your exam(s). We are a learning system, not a source of questions to memorize that will not help you succeed. Our extremely high student success rate on exams, with minimal failures, is proof of our success in helping you pass regulatory exams.

Factors that determine what study package you need are based on:

  • Your level of existing knowledge or experience for the course you are studying for
  • Your ability or self-discipline to study online
  • The time that you have to study before your exam
  • Your comprehension and/or working ability in the English language
  • Your age - How long has it been since you were in school?
  • Are you seeking help due to you already failing the exam without using SeeWhy Learning?

If you ask our advice on what study package to order it will always be the online "SUCCESS" package. This is our course study material for the exam you are preparing for and we know that it works if used properly. If you think that you have mastered the course provider's textbook and all you need is some practice and review of the course content then you may be comfortable with only our "Review and Practice" order option that includes just the Flash Cards, Quizzes, and Practice Exams. You can upgrade at any time if you find that your knowledge was not as comprehensive as you thought it was.

Just like in a traditional school, if you only attend some classes, skip many, and do not read all that is provided to you for study then you most likely will fail your exam. No different here - except it is even more important for these exams as your job or career most likely depends on your success. For some course studies we also offer extra study tools such as audios and videos.

The SeeWhy Learning Support Team is available on the following page SUPPORT REQUEST to answer your questions about our various course study tool online offerings, assist you in placing your orders if you encounter difficulties or do not understand the process, help you to resolve a challenge that you might have viewing the online study tools, replace a missing payment receipt or login information after placing your order, and much more. Using our SUPPORT REQUEST Page is the fastest way to get a reply under normal conditions, even after regular business hours, as we have thousands of students at any one time and getting through on the telephone may result in voicemail due to the volume of calls being received by both students and website visitors. We do want to talk to you, but be patient if you call - we do return any voicemail we receive. * Before contacting our Support Team, you should look through the extensive Question and Answer list on our SUPPORT REQUEST page for questions commonly asked of our Support Team. You may find a quick answer to your question, as we have covered, in detail, about 80% of what we are contacted for support on sales questions and technical support. If you are having technical difficulties in viewing the study content, please contact us and we will assist in helping you resolve your challenge. NOTE: We do not provide technical support for your computer or device, but may be able to offer some recommendations.

READ ME FIRST: Please note that the purchase of SeeWhy Financial Learning’s exam preparation materials does not constitute enrollment in the actual licensing course(s). Instead, our materials are designed to assist you in understanding the content of such courses. If you have not already done so, you must register with the applicable course provider in order to obtain their course materials and write the actual exam.