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Financial Services Exam Preparation Study Tools


I just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam! I had failed it twice prior to purchasing your materials and was about to give up. I am so thankful that I was referred to you. Now that I have my mutual funds course I am going to embark on the Canadian Securities Course®. I would not have had the confidence to do this without you!
Wow, the service is second to none. Before purchasing, I had a few questions. I was amazed at how quickly I got a response, even on a Saturday. This level of service continued as I worked through the course and I emailed with questions. Thank you.
Your stories not only made the learning easier, they actually made me laugh occasionally. I relied completely on your materials and passed the exam! Thank you for making studying fun!
My colleagues were shocked at how quickly I prepared for the exam and how well I did. Thank you so much for your help. I will refer all my friends to you.
After enrolling in the actual course I didn’t want to spend any more money on study materials, so I decided to go it alone. While I thought I understood the material I was shocked by the difficulty of the real exam. Needless to say I didn’t pass. I then noticed your money back guaranteed products and thought I would give it a try. It was the best money I have ever spent!
I’ve tried other study notes in the past. While they condensed the material they were worded just like the actual textbook and really didn’t help me understand the concepts. Your study notes were actually written in everyday English, and for me, it made all the difference! Thanks again.
I purchased your study materials but due to a change in m personal circumstances I was not able to devote the appropriate amount of study time. I found the materials amazing but failed my exam simply because I hardly studied. I was so impressed by the excellent customer service I received even when requesting a refund under your guarantee. After my life settled down, I decided to repurchase the materials. When I devoted the required time to my studies I passed with honours. I could not have done it without you. Thanks again.
I was so excited yesterday to see my securities exam # 1 pass mark!!!! I can’t wait to get my securities # 2 study guide and exam preparation questions. I would recommend your programs to anyone doing the securities exams. It taught me how to use the information towards the exam. I love it! Thanks again.
I want to say that you guys have the best material for the LLQP. I was so happy to find your material. I DID PASS THE EXAM!!! THANK TO YOUR SEE WHY FINANCIAL LEARNING. THANK AGAIN! I WILL REFER ALL MY FRIENDS TO BUY YOUR MATERIAL.
Thank you for providing me all the resources I need for my Investment Funds in Canada CSI Exam. I am pleased to announce that I have passed my Exam and now am registering for my licence to sell mutual funds. I recommend this training to anyone who needs help in preparing for their exam in this challenging course. Thank you for everything.
Roland M. Edwards
Account Manager / Royal Bank of Canada
Thank you very much. I looked at a number of online CSC preparation courses before choosing SeeWhy Learning. Your product is more expensive than alternative options, but the customer service that was provided was first class. In the end, he made this a very easy decision. Warmest regards,
Hey Team! I just wrote my CSC on Thursday and got my results today. Passed! 81%!! Great product! I’ll definitely be signing up for the 2nd part (after a bit of a break). Thanks!!
I passed my exam and I am ecstatic!!! I really struggled with the material having attempted the exam previously, but your material actually made me understand! I can’t believe I have retained the information beyond the exam! Will definitely be using your material in the future :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
I found the study tools amazing and extremely easy to understand. The tools gave me clarity in comparison to previous attempts at the Provincial Exam. I do appreciate the assistance that See Why Learning has given me. It has made my final attempt at the exam an overwhelming success.
Joan Harris
I was very successful. I passed! I thank you for this wonderful program, it made understanding the concept of Life Insurance easy. I know without this I would have given up a long time ago. Keep the program going, as I have recommended it to a bunch of my colleagues, with the hope that they will take full advantage of the program now. Thank You and Good Luck
Jessica Joseph-Calliste
Just wanted to tell you that “SEEWHY LEARNING” helped me ACE my Mutual Funds Exam! After 2 re-writes I was getting rather frustrated and that’s when I did my research and found this great website!! It may sound expensive and you may feel like you already spent to much money registering for the course, but the $100.00 was totally worth it! I couldn’t be happier about FINALLY PASSING my Exam! Thanks Again See Why Learning!
I just thought I should drop you a line to let you know that I did my CSC exam Part 2 on Monday and am pleased to let you know that because of your program I was able to study using the study guide and practice exams and succeeded in passing the exam with a pass mark of 80%. I almost did not do the exams as the SC material was hard to grasp. My deadline was coming up at the end of September and so I decided to give SeeWhy Learning a try as I really needed to complete he course without having to pay for extension. After reading the Study Guide, I found that the material was easier to understand, I therefore studied and practiced for 6 weeks and within that time accomplished more than I did while reading the CSC book. I know I am saying a lot but I am just excited and relieved. Thanks for making it all possible.
I wanted to express my thanks to your company. I have struggled with the CSC course for almost 4 years. I have purchased many different on-line & in class aids to assist in passing the course however none of them ever worked! Then a co-worker told me about your program and I figured what more do I have to lose? Well I can happily say that I have finally completed the CSC successfully and I believe a big part of my success was your course! I have already spread the news to fellow co-workers about your courses and will continue to do so every chance I get!
Thank You so much for creating this program, I have just passed my mutual fund exam with a 79%. I am 100% sure that I would have not passed if it weren’t for SeeWhy Learning. Love the way everything is explained and the Memory Aids really helped, I have recommended this program to friends currently enrolled with IFIC.
Thank you . . thank you . . thank you . . Your on-line materials, training manual, awesome 1 day seminar, and amazing staff have given me the opportunity of going from dreaming BIG to now dreaming in COLOUR. Passing my LLQP provincial exam and getting my license has changed my whole life and those close to me. The simplicity of SeeWhy Learning has also made me realize that if the dream is big enough, the hurdles don’t matter. Thanks SeeWhy your team and materials are AMAZING.
Natalie Mina
I wanted to thank you for your excellent service and product! I just wrote the LLQP two weeks ago and received a 83% grade, mostly due to your prep course and online questions. I recognized many of the concepts and felt adequately prepared on exam day, all because of your excellent material. I found the online questions especially useful in my preparation. Thank you very much for your help!
I would like to say a huge thanks to SeeWhy. I only had about a month for the exam but I wasn’t ready at all. I spent a lot of money to learn the course but nothing helped, with my busy schedule. I finally came up with “SeeWhy Learning ” and believe it or not this was the best money I’ve ever spent. I would recommend “SeeWhy Learning” to anyone out there. Once again thanks a million to “SEE WHY”
I purchased See Why Learning’s product to enforce my knowledge of the course content and to practice exam-like questions. To my delight, I passed with ease, receiving 80% thanks to the huge bank of questions SeeWhy has for practice. Thanks for your help in propelling me to new heights!
Ricky Retel
I was having a hard time understanding the material, and I wrote the exam 2 times …I was about to give up. SeeWhy made it easy for me to understand and I actually remembered the material. I passed with flying colours!
Sofia B.
I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in passing CSC, CPH and WME first time around. Your study tools are great, easy to understand and puts everything into prospective. I came across your web site by accident. I was looking for another company who does the same as you; but I’m glad I used your material. Thank you so very much.
Angela Di Capua
I was informed today that I passed my LLQP provincial exam which I am ecstatic about ! Thank you very much for your excellent service and training curriculum. It was certainly a critical success factor in helping me prepare for exam day with success. Your exam day prep tips were fantastic and helped settle me down before I wrote the exam. The exam was tough as I expected but the SeeWhy content got me through it. I will certainly recommend your service to others looking to obtain their LLQP designation. I will be interested in the Mutual Fund course in the near future as well.
Thanks to See Why Learning I achieved a mark of 87% on my CSC Volume 2 exam. The flashcards and especially the quizzes were instrumental in my success. I like the way See Why cuts through all the clutter in the textbook and tells you what is essential for success in your exam. I would highly recommend See Why as a study tool. It was worth every penny!
Bob Ross
I am extremely familiar with the leadership and ownership of SeeWhy Learning. In all of my experiences in providing training for financial advisors, I have never seen better execution and results than what was delivered by these professionals. I would recommend SeeWhy Learning for any and all securities regulatory exam support. They can handle small and large company needs and you will be well satisfied with their professionalism, guarantees and results.
Scott Bowman
Financial Advisor / Edward Jones
For the last four years I have used I have used SeeWhy Learning’s online tools, exceptional program, the exam questions and preparation questions, really help with all the securities exams and the other type of designations you are looking for and I would 100 % recommend SeeWhy Learning for all of your training. Thank you very kindly.
Central Ontario Financial Advisors
SeeWhy Learning is the ultimate in training for the financial services industry! They enabled me to maintain a 95% focus on my business while still studying for my regulatory exams. When the time came to write my exams I was ready, and results were exceptionally good – far better than if I had not used the program offered by SeeWhy Learning! I am looking forward to using them any chance I get to help improve my knowledge and credentials!!
George Biggar
Investment Advisor / RBC Dominion
I work as a financial advisor for one of the big 5 banks in Ontario. Part of my job requirement was to complete the CSC exams within 1 year of my hire date. Well, little did I know what a task that would be in reading the material. So, in a bit of a panic, I went to my colleagues who all unanimously recommended the SeeWhy Learning flash cards and exam questions. I was a bit doubtful at first, but when I received the material and opened up the first question, I knew that it was right for me. It helped me hone in on the key parts that I needed to get the mark and I left with a 78%. I will be certainly ordering the SeeWhy Learning material for round 2, exam 2, coming up in January so I thank you.
Sarah Holland
Financial Services Representative
I am familiar with the program SeeWhy offers. I am a product of their program, having successfully passed several regulatory exams because of the people behind the scenes. I have seen the results and they are outstanding. I continue to recommend SeeWhy’s training program to whomever is seeking to challenge the regulatory exams they cover.
Chris Matugas
Vice-President / CI Investments
Calling to give a testimonial regarding the WME study course that I took through SeeWhy Learning. Extremely helpful, helped me with providing pictures to solutions which helped me pass the exams first time around. Happy to recommend them anytime you can use them. Thank you very much.
SeeWhy provides an excellent on-line tool which helped me and many many others pass the LLQP exam!!!
Marie Bernard
Financial Services Representative / Primerica
I ordered the SeeWhy tools and studied off and on for 6 months and passed with 81%. The study tools are comprehensive with detailed flashcards and practice tests that helped me leave the test, feeling very confident. I wanted to thank the staff for always being available via phone and email. I will be ordering the PFP study course this month to keep the momentum going and thanks again SeeWhy Learning for creating great learning tools which not only help me pass but give me a clear understanding of the subject matter. Thank you.
Tony Baumgartner
Branch Manager, Edmonton, AB / Bank of Montreal
SeeWhy Learning is the single best tool I’ve ever used to study. I’m an Electrical Engineer, I have a BA in Theology and a minor in Leadership and Administration, and now, thanks to SeeWhy Learning and this fantastic study resource, I’m licensed with the Province of Ontario with my Life License! No wonder they call it ‘SeeWhy’, because if you look at the amount of material needed to study it’s over whelming, but now I see why I can do it!
Phil Alexandre
WOW…that’s all I can say. Thanks to SeeWhy Learning I passed my IFIC with flying colours. It was so easy to understand and it made learning fun. I highly recommend SeeWhy to everyone and anyone who really wants to excel.
Karen Hamilton
I was really tight on time to study for part 2 of the CSC exam. In one week I did all of your tutorial, flash cards and practice exams. I must have condensed about 150 hours of study time into 40 hours and managed to pull off a 76 on the exam. I really appreciated how your course is set up. Overall the material was completely worth the price and I would happily recommend it. Thank you!
Thanks to your learning techniques I have passed all of my exams, the last being Real Property Law. Thank you Thank you Thank you!
Thank you for your support and study guides. I passed the NEC and got an 80. I am very happy with this score. I thank you for making it easier to study! Thanks!!
New York
After 2 unsuccessful tries of writing the IFIC exam I have decided to buy the SeeWhy Learning Course. The study notes were amazing and very helpful. Today I have written my IFIC exam few hours ago and passed with 72%. Thank-you!!!!!
SeeWhy Learning offers exceptional material and training coupled with a very knowledgeable and professional staff. After completing CSC 1, CSC 2 and the LLQP, without using the support of SeeWhy Learning, I decided to purchase their services for my CPH and WME 1/2 and what a difference it made. I experienced increased scores on my exams, a better understanding of the concepts and material and all without it affecting my business. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking to complete any of the courses that are covered at SeeWhy Learning
Marc Grieves
Financial Advisor / Edward Jones
I am so impressed with the SeeWhy learning program. I was able to focus on the relevant material and was not bogged down with information that wasn’t pertinent to the exam. It was so much less stressful! I rec’d 83% on the IFSE exam. My results for the provincial licensing exam were given to me as a range… 90-100%!!! Thank you for making studying much less stressful and more rewarding!
Tracie Millar
Coastal Community Financial Management
Thank you so much for creating such a fantastic course material. I am a type of person who has to understand the basics. I took hour course and passed qualifier and provincial in first attempts. SeeWhy has saved me a lot of time and money. The best part is that you have made the course very interesting and is fun to study. WELL DONE.
I read the mutual funds course textbook for 6 months and didn’t get anything, so I turned to See Why Learning and read for 1 week and passed my exam with 80%. Great Tool!! Thanks for everything.
Eddie C
With a week to my exam I turned to you after reading a textbook which didn’t at all teach to UNDERSTANDING the concepts. I also had a job offer on the line which added immense pressure. Within hours of listening to your audios and reading the study guide (which inverted material to begin at a logical point) I immediately felt relieved because I could feel I was understanding the concepts. Focusing on what I needed to know, the use of analogies and memory aids made all the difference. I just passed with 74%, Thank you from the bottom of my heart !
I used the full CSC package to assist me. I am not disappointed at all with the level of materials and the level of service. Not only are the materials designed to help you learn and understand the materials a lot quicker, but any time I had additional questions I received a response within a few hours. I found the tips/memory tricks really useful. That, together with the personable language, definitely cut down the hours I spent studying. The audio files with CSC1 were fantastic and really helped me learn some difficult concepts. It has been many years since I’ve taken an exam, but the online study guide really boosted my confidence and gave me a great structure to work from. I’m extremely happy with my final mark of 78%. Don’t hesitate to buy a package with See Why Learning – if you don’t pass you don’t pay so you have nothing to lose!
SeeWhy has made a huge difference in my studies. Exam after exam I continue to knock out of the park and I attribute that to two things: SeeWhy's study tools, and the fact I am smart enough... to invest in SeeWhy's study tools. Ever since I discovered SeeWhy I have used it every chance I have and it always makes the difference! Thank you and keep on keeping on.
Zak Taylor
The study tools from LLQP such as the SeeWhy notes, the constant practice with the flash cards, and especially the practice exam questions were all very helpful; all of these would give you a better understanding and make it easier to be able to remember how to deal with the questions that are being asked. These materials were the reason for me to share my countless happiness and success in passing the written exam for the Provincial Licensing exam recently last week.
Elizabeth Lumbo
I just wanted to share some great news with you all. I wrote my CPH exam and passed it in my first try. Like my CSC exams, I also bought your material & on-line help for CPH and the result was ..... as expected :) Thank you so very much for bringing out such an excellent study tool that has helped so many students like me to pass these professional exams on first attempt. I have recommended my friends to get your study material(s) and will continue doing so in future as well. Thank you once again. I am very grateful for all the assistance you provided. My big thank you is for everyone associated with SeeWhy Learning. Have a wonderful long weekend and a very happy Canada Day.
Muhammad Abbas Sharif

Derivatives Fundamentals and Options Licensing® (DFOL®) Exam Preparation and DFOL® Study Notes
The Derivatives Fundamentals and Options Licensing® (DFOL®) is offered by CSI® Canadian Securities Institute and is a one-step course that satisfies both educational requirements for becoming licensed to advise and sell options to clients in Canada, as set out by IIROC. The SeeWhy study materials are designed to help you pass the DFOL® exam, and do not constitute enrolment in the actual Derivatives Fundamentals and Options Licensing® course itself.

The Derivatives Fundamentals and Options Licensing® (DFOL®) is really two courses that are merged together, the Derivatives Fundamentals Course® (DFC®) and the Options Licensing Course® (OLC®). The first textbook in the DFOL® program covers the DFC® material. The second textbook in the DFOL® program covers all of the OLC® material. The SeeWhy Learning study tools cover each chapter in the DFOL® textbooks and explain many difficult concepts in clear, easy to understand language along with examples. The DFOL® has an application-oriented exam that is not evenly weighted between the two textbooks and we strongly recommend anyone considering the DFOL® course look at working through many of the key concept explanations and exam-level questions that we offer as the exam is known to be quite challenging.

Options Licensing Course® (OLC®) Exam Preparation and OLC® Study Notes
The Options Licensing Course® (OLC®) is offered by CSI® Canadian Securities Institute and satisfies the educational requirements for the second course to become licensed to advise and sell options to clients in Canada, as set out by IIROC. The OLC® is ideal for advisors that have already completed the Derivatives Fundamentals Course® (DFC®). The SeeWhy study materials are designed to help you pass the OLC® exam, and do not constitute enrolment in the actual Options Licensing Course® itself.

The SeeWhy Learning study tools cover each chapter in the OLC® textbook and explain many difficult concepts in clear, easy to understand language along with examples. The OLC® has an application-oriented exam and we strongly recommend anyone considering the OLC® look at working through many of the key concept explanations and exam-level questions that we offer as the exam is known to be quite challenging.

Life License Qualification Program® (LLQP®) Exam Preparation and LLQP® Study Notes
Successful completion of The Life License Qualification Program® (LLQP®) qualifies students to apply for their “Life License”, which is required to sell life insurance products and related investments. Our study materials are designed to help you pass the Certification and Provincial LLQP® exams, and do not constitute enrolment in the actual Life License Qualification Program® itself.

Personal Financial Planner® (PFP®) Course Preparation and PFP® Study Notes
PFP (Personal Financial Planner): The banking industry’s equivalent of CFP. To earn this designation, administered by the Institute of Canadian Bankers (ICB), bank/financial institution employees must complete a financial planning educational program and have a minimum of six months’ work experience. The Personal Financial Services Advice (PFSA®) course, one of the courses required to obtain the PFP, was created to strengthen your confidence and knowledge so that you can advise your financial services prospects and clients based on their individual needs and goals. The PFSA® escalates your communications skills and helps you build stronger and profitable client relationships and confidence in your ability to professionally advise them.

Canadian Securities Course® (CSC®) Exam Preparation and CSC® Study Notes
*Our CSC® Study Tools are in-line with the 2015 Updates
The Canadian Securities Course® (CSC®), as offered by the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI®), is the initial course required for becoming licensed to sell securities, like stocks and bonds, in Canada, as set out by IIROC. The CSC® can also be used to satisfy the educational requirement necessary to sell mutual funds in Canada, as set out by the Mutual Fund Dealers Association (MFDA). Our study materials are designed to help you pass the CSC® exams, and do not constitute enrolment in the actual Canadian Securities Course® itself.

CIFC® IFIC® IFC® Mutual Funds Exam Preparation and Study Notes
Successful completion of the “Mutual Funds” course, as offered by both CSI®/ICB® (Investment Funds in Canada® ~ IFC®) and IFSE® (Canadian Investment Funds Course® ~ CIFC®), satisfies the educational requirement necessary to sell mutual funds in Canada, as set out by the Mutual Fund Dealers Association. Our study materials are designed to help you pass the IFIC exam, and do not constitute enrolment in the actual Mutual Funds course itself.

Accident & Sickness (A&S) Component of LLQP®
The A&S (Accident and Sickness) component of the LLQP program is for an individual who is looking a career in the life insurance industry as an agent selling accident and sickness (A&S) insurance. The A&S component of the LLQP is a course developed based on a comprehensive curriculum set by the provincial regulators. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills for a career in the life insurance industry as agents in the niche specialty of selling A&S (Accident and Sickness) products – including individual and group health and disability insurance.

Wealth Management Essentials® (WME®) and Wealth Management Financial Planner Supplement® Exam Preparation
The Wealth Management Essentials® Course (WME®), as offered by the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI®) focuses on two critical elements of wealth management – Financial planning and Investment management. Successful completion of the WME® course fulfils IIROC’s 30-month requirement for maintaining your securities license. It is also one very important step towards qualifying to write the Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) exam. Our study materials are designed to help you pass the WME® exams, and do not constitute enrolment in the actual Wealth Management Essentials® Course itself.

Conduct and Practices Handbook® Exam (CPH®)
The Conduct and Practices Handbook (CPH®) is a guide to understanding the rules, regulations, practices and ethics that will guide a career as an investment advisor or representative. Assists in meeting IIROC’s proficiency requirements for licensing. Improves employability by gaining the education employers and regulators require.

Ontario Real Estate Exam Preparation (OREA®)
To obtain your Ontario Real Estate license you must first pass three courses in what is known as the pre-registration period. OREA Course 1: Real Estate as a Professional Career: A general overview of a career in the real estate profession; how the real estate market interacts with other elements of our society; how the real estate profession works and what skills you will need to be successful; a high level discussion of the importance of economics, demographics and geography on real estate values; consumer buying habits and marketing methods; a basic overview of mathematics. OREA Course 2: How land and property is registered in Canada; examine municipal planning and land use zoning; identify the key elements in home and commercial building construction; review the various ways that property can be valued; review how real estate is traded, rules and regulations of the industry (REBBA 2002), as well as the concept of representation relationships. OREA Course 3: General and Advanced Segment: All students must write the exam pertaining to course 3 general, and one advanced component (real estate or commercial). This exam will test you on an overview of the real estate transaction, from listing agreement through to the final sale.

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