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Exam Preparation Study Tools

Please read the FAQs further down this page for important information.

SeeWhy Learning offers you a three (3) step program to study for and successfully pass your WME® exams 1 and 2

Five (5) Order Options designed to meet your study needs based on where you are in the exam process and to clarify or strengthen your knowledge.

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Textbooks Summary

180 Days (6 months) Online Access
  • Online Study Guide
  • Everyday Language
  • Memory Aids & Analogies
  • Covers Volumes 1 and 2
WME Handbook

Textbook Summary

Concise summary of the textbook in an easy to understand format. Interactive and searchable.

PRINTED VERSION available only for Order Option 1 after order in your learning centre


Flash Cards & Quizzes

180 Days (6 months) Online Access

Practice & Mindset Training

180 Days (6 months) Online Access

Video Tutorial Lessons

180 Days (6 months) Online Access
  • WME®1 and WME®2 Videos
  • Organized by module and topic
  • Great for Pre-Exam Review
  • Online Training Videos

+WME1® Review

180 Days (6 months) Online Access
  • If you did not use our Exam 1 tools
  • Includes relevant Exam 1 content
  • Includes Order Option 3
  • Money Back Guarantee

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FAQ - Study Tools

Do you for work for a Canadian financial services institution?
If so, Click HERE to see if you qualify for discounted pricing. Discounted pricing is only available at the time of purchase, and cannot be applied or refunded retroactively.

Before contacting our Support Team, visit the extensive Question and Answer list below and on the page for Commonly Asked Questions to our Support Team. You may find a quick answer to your question, as we have covered, in detail, about 80% of the sales questions and technical support we answer on a regular basis.

Do you provide the licensing exams?
No. Please note that the purchase of SeeWhy Learning's exam preparation materials does not constitute enrolment in the actual licensing course(s). Instead, our materials are designed to assist you in understanding the content of such courses. If you have not already done so, you must register with the applicable course and exam provider to obtain their course materials and write the actual exam.

Do you provide classroom instruction?
All the SeeWhy Learning study tools (study materials) are delivered online, with the exception of the optional purchase of a printed version of the Study Guide (if available). While we offer one-on-one support to corporate partners and telephone tutoring to retail students, we do not provide traditional classroom instruction.

Can I share a subscription with a colleague?
No. Your SeeWhy Learning study centre was created for a single user and is not transferable to, or to be shared by, another user, whether it is used for the full subscription time period or part thereof. Your subscription is effectively designed for your sole use and not to be shared. Sharing access will result in termination of your subscription. Please read the full User Agreement.

How do I view subscription options and order?
When you click on any exam preparation study tools option in a course list, or view any course tools order page, you will see what is included with the subscription.

Who writes your study tools and makes your training videos?
All our exam preparation study tools are created by our professional, in-house training and curriculum team. Our training videos are created in our own video studio. Click here to meet our training team.

How do I receive my exam preparation study tools and login credentials?
After placing your order you will receive an email from SeeWhy Learning with your personal login username and password to access your learning centre at for your exam preparation study selected. Orders are automatically processed 24/7 and you will receive your payment receipt and login information emails usually within 15 minutes. The username/password is unique to you and not to be shared with any other person. Please read our EULA (End User License Agreement) if you need any clarification.

How many attempts are permitted for each exam preparation course study module?
As trainers, we understand that a student may wish to complete a module as many as 5 or 10 times, although in many cases, once or twice is sufficient. However, to accommodate varying study styles, each individual subscription allows for a maximum of 25 attempts on any single activity.

How do I use the study tools?
Please go to our Support Page and watch the video "How to use the SeeWhy Learning Study Tools".

Does the Money Back Guarantee apply to the printed study guide either as an upgrade or when included in the online study tools purchase?
No. The Money Back Guarantee does not apply to the printed version of the study guide.

Who should I contact with questions about SeeWhy Learning exam preparation study tools?
Toll-free: 1-888-973-3949
Click or tap here for the Support Request page.


Who should I contact with questions about CE (continuing education)?
Visit our website for CE Courses: