Licensing Course Providers

READ ME FIRST: Please note that the purchase of SeeWhy Financial Learning's exam preparation materials does not constitute enrolment in the actual licensing course(s). Instead our materials are designed to assist you in understanding the content of such courses. If you have not already done so, you must register with the applicable course provider in order to obtain their course materials and be eligible to write the actual exam.

To enroll in the actual course visit the applicable website(s) noted below:

IFSE Institute

  • CIFC® Canadian Investment Funds Course (Mutual Funds)
  • LLQP® Life License Qualification Program
  • BME® Branch Managers' Examination

Canadian Securities Institute

  • CPH® Conduct & Practices Handbook Course
  • CSC® Canadian Securities Course
  • DFOL® Derivatives Fundamentals and Options Licensing Course
  • FPI® Financial Planning 1
  • FPII® Financial Planning 2
  • FPSU® Financial Planning Supplement
  • IFC® Investment Funds in Canada (Mutual Funds)
  • NEC® New Entrants Course
  • OLC® Options Licensing Course
  • PFSA® Personal Financial Services Advice
  • WME® Wealth Management Essentials

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